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About Saglo

About Saglo

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Saglo Development Corporation (Saglo) is a Miami, FL – based privately-held commercial real-estate development business that specializes in the acquisition , renovation and active management of its’ prime neighborhood and community shopping centers. Saglo is committed to the success of its retail partners; and is committed to making its properties a destination of choice for all consumers.

Our History

Saglo Development Corporation was founded in 1976 by Saul Glottmann.  After successfully building and establishing Industria Colombiana de Artefactos S.A. (ICASA), a manufacturing business in his homeland of Colombia, Saul sold ICASA in 1975 and moved his family to the United States.

In 1976 Saul acquired and redeveloped his first shopping center in Miami-Dade, and with it Saglo Development Corporation was born. Saul’s philosophy was: “Our tenants are the cornerstone of our business. If our tenants do well, we will do well!”   Read more about Our History.

Mission & Approach

Our Mission is to deliver a superior shopping experience for all visitors to our properties; while maintaining a clean, safe and desirable environment for our retail partners in which modern business can thrive.

At Saglo, the primary objective is to secure superior and sustained long term growth. This is accomplished through a focus on adding value through strategic portfolio selection, intense asset management, redevelopment; and meticulous financial management.  Read more about Our Mission & Approach.

Our Team

At Saglo Development Corporation we’ve built a talented, experienced and passionate team of commercial real estate professionals, all committed to making every Saglo property a destination of choice for consumers.

We pride ourselves on our strong work ethic and a high level of integrity, while we continually challenge ourselves to look for new and better ways to add value, enhance efficiency and increase profits for our retail partners. Read more about Our Team.


Saglo Development has owned, managed, and developed retail commercial real estate since 1976 which makes us very experienced. We have a strong balance sheet, aggressive leasing team and expert property management which make us very efficient in unlocking the potential value within each shopping center.

The investor will be a Limited Partner which will rely on Saglo Development Company Read more about Investing with Saglo.