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Crowdfunding efforts for Sun Point and Central Plaza Shopping Center have landed us on the CNBC Crowdfinance 50 index



Saglo has always embraced new technology in our efforts to stay on the leading edge of the commercial real estate industry.   Jack Glottmann made a decision during the Summer of 2014 to place our 2 recently acquired properties, Sun Point and Central Plaza Shopping Center, on the crowdfunding platform in order to diversify the sources of capital we would be pulling from.   Our intent is to replace 90% of our own capital in each deal with outside capital with the initial thought that those funds would come from “friends and family” money.

Because you are filing with the SEC under the 506C general solicitation ruling, a tremendous amount of work and details needed to be addressed in order to comply.  After a couple of months, we were able to place both properties on Earlyshares.   Saglo had a proactive approach in personally contacting every potential investor which requested information on the properties.  Jack Glottmann is pleased with the crowdfunding process and feels that we will continue to use crowdfunding as a source of outside capital in the future.



CNBC Crowdfinance 50 Index

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About Chen Hue

Hue Chen is the Vice President of Acquisitions for Saglo Development Corporation and is responsible for increasing Saglo’s portfolio of properties. After graduating from the University of Florida in 1999, with a major in Finance, Hue started his career in commercial real estate as a retail leasing associate. He quickly became a top producing leasing agent while working with some of the most prominent owner-developers in south Florida. Throughout his career, he has executed over 250 leases and increased the value of over 40 different shopping center, ground-up and mixed use developments in south Florida and Southwest Florida. Hue attributes his success to a thorough understanding of the major retail markets of Florida, strong relationships with brokers and retailers, and his ability to structure leases that best fit the goals of each investment. In 2012, Hue joined Saglo and brought with him strong proficiencies in finance, mathematics, and ARGUS as well as a real world understanding of retail shopping center leasing and value creation.

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