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Our History

Saglo Development Corporation was founded in 1976 by Saul Glottmann.  After successfully building and establishing Industria Colombiana de Artefactos S.A. (ICASA), a successful manufacturing business in his homeland of Colombia, Saul sold ICASA in 1975 and moved his family to the United States.

In 1976 Saul acquired and redeveloped his first shopping center in Miami-Dade, and with it Saglo Development Corporation was born. Saul’s philosophy was: “Our tenants are the cornerstone of our business. If our tenants do well, we will do well!”  Over the years, as both Saglo’s portfolio of properties and its reputation for excellence and quality grew, Saul made sure his team remained focused on the needs of the tenant, a simple yet powerful guiding principle that still drives and differentiates the company to this day.  Mr. Glottmann passed away in 2005, however the tradition, spirit and values he instilled in the company he founded are very much alive and well and reinforced by his son Jack Glottmann.  Jack returned to work alongside his father in 1998 under his leadership, affiliated companies acquired twelve properties totaling 1,200,000 Rentable Square Feet (RSF) of retail and commercial properties; redeveloped nine shopping centers totaling over 700,000 RSF and sold four properties containing approximately 370,000 RSF. Currently, Saglo properties portfolio includes 15 shopping centers containing approximately 1.1 Million RSF.