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Chief Financial Officer

You will manage all financial aspects of the company, such as ensuring Saglo’s financial health, achieving its financial goals, maximizing profitability, mitigating risks, and maintaining our financial strength and excellent reputation.

Property Accountant

You will handle invoices, manage fees and commissions, prepare accounts payable, manage and maintain vendors, handle accounts receivable, invoice tenants, assist in collections and legal processes, and will be responsible for financial reporting.

Operations Administrator
You will be responsible for managing, supporting and optimizing the day-to-day operational activities across various departments of Saglo Companies. Your role will contribute to the smooth functioning of administrative processes, facilitating effective communication, data management, due diligence, and ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Lease Administrator

You will be responsible for reviewing, organizing and processing all lease documents including amendments, assignments, and renewals, as well as composing letters for tenants.
Leasing Associate – Central Florida
You will be responsible for performing market surveys and tenant mix analysis, scouting for the best in class businesses by canvassing our shopping centers, networking with commercial real estate brokers, and meeting with prospective tenants.
Junior Leasing Agent – South Florida
You will work side-by-side with the Director of Leasing for a one year apprenticeship, learning the fundamentals of commercial real estate leasing. Then, you will become a Leasing Associate with your own assigned properties.
Interested In Applying?

Send your resume to Melissa Alvarez