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Commercial Leasing

The fundamental force that creates and increases the value of any shopping center is strong Retail Leasing. Saglo builds value through carefully selecting a tenant mix for the shopping center in order to generate synergy among all of the occupants that will increase traffic and sales within the property thereby allowing the tenants the ability to afford higher rents. Part of the tenant mix selection process will be to analyze what types of restaurants, services, and stores the surrounding population needs and then fill those needs with the combination of strong local retailers that the community can identify with in addition to well organized national chains that provide a high level of service and product quality.

Our goal will be to implement and complete the strategic leasing plan in the shortest time span possible through the proven method of “hard work”. Every broker, leasing agent, national retailer, local retailer, or entrepreneur that does business in South Florida will know of the project and will be provided with the details on how the project will be successful. Saglo will proactively approach the best companies in each use category of its desired tenant mix to join the project and will use leasing experience and persistence to convince the company it would be advantageous for them to do so.

With smart leasing Saglo’s projects have tenant line-ups that makes sense, with stores that generate strong sales and pay strong rents, and with consistently high occupancy rates.

Our ownership representation services include:

  • Lease negotiations
  • Lease document preparation
  • Marketing and property positioning
  • Proactive approach to renewal or replacement of Tenants long before leases expires to minimize vacancies.
  • Careful selection of new tenants to achieve the optimal retail mix at each center and maximize the success of our tenants.