Commercial Real Estate Development

Our aggressive and detailed approach to developing our properties in ways that seize and optimize on the supply/demand consensus dominating a particular area or neighborhood embodies our commitment to the success of our clients. As experienced managers of using renovation funds for the direct promotion of our retail partners’ businesses, Saglo maintains close relationships with engineering and architectural firms, zoning commissioners and other individuals involved in the commercial development process.

Saglo’s Areas of Expertise

In addition to possessing in-depth knowledge about project management principles, value engineering and how specific architectural designs can benefit your business, Saglo also offers expert assistance in the following property development areas:

Cost of Capital Analysis—Actual Budget versus Budget Analysis

Analyzing the cost of capital determines the rate of return that is necessary for a development project to be considered a worthwhile venture. Equity costs and debt costs are also included in cost of capital analyses that provides vital insights into specific components that influence a company’s strategy and direction.

The most informative aspect of reviewing actual numbers and budget numbers involves the variance part of the whole analysis. Generally, it is considered acceptable when an actual development budget is between five and 10 percent of the projected budget. Saglo engages in rigorous cost of capital analysis to detect variances, quickly assess the reasons for these variances and decide what to do about them.

Regulatory Compliance

Saglo is intimately familiar with the processes and policies governing financial firms that dictate how funds are delivered according to the regulations enacted by entities that control a jurisdiction’s financity activity. Regulatory compliance also concerns record and data retention utilized for the validation and implementation of compliance.

Environmental Compliance

Whether development of a commercial property involves minor repairs or major renovations. Saglo remains committed to complying to all of Florida’s environment regulations concerning remediation, waste management, asbestos, radon or mold evaluations, audits and any other environmental concerns standardized by the state of Florida

Code Compliance, Permits and Zoning

Safely and legally operating our commercial properties by strictly following all area code, permit and zoning laws is just one of our primary responsibilities that ensures facilitation of our clients’ ability to achieve their goal of running a successful business as one of Saglo’s valuable tenants. Our re-development and maintenance standards are the highest among other commercial real estate developers, enhanced by our firm grasp of both local and regional codes.

Additionally, our experience with using renovation funds where they will have the greatest impact on our tenants business is further complemented by our relationship with architects, engineers, commercial design specialists and well-qualified construction companies. As a member of Saglo’s team, business owners are always in the capable hands of professionals, not amateurs.

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