COVID-19 & CARES Act Resources

COVID-19 & CARES Act Resources

Message to our Tenant Partners:

Businesses, don’t give up! Just like you, we are trying all we can to assist our employees and care for our shopping centers.

We have increased security to make sure your closed business areas are safer and watching that they are maintained and clean.

But remember, if you do not pay rent you will make it hard for us to stay in business and maintain our shopping centers.

Send in your rent – the worst thing you can do is NOT pay your rent.

REMEMBER Any help given, whether it be the a local bank, the SBA  or the Federal government will ALL require that you sign an agreement that the proceeds of any loan be used for maintaining or restarting your business. Paying RENT is required to maintain your business.

Where ever the help comes from, you can bet those who helps themselves will be the first to get help!

Look at ways to help yourself-

Review the links below website, understand what you may need to get help.

Operations – see if there is anything you can do to be creative. For example;

  • Can you offer your products some other way?
  • Can you do nails or hair from home?
  • Can you offer karate or exercise classes on line?

Morale – encourage your employees to think of creative ways to help.

Stay Aware – follow the news, go on line, research the help that may be available

CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

For more information on the CARES ACT

Help us Help you!

Join the #HelpSmallBizChallenge

Another Coronavirus bill is coming next month. Please make sure small businesses are representing by posting your pic with #HelpSmallBizChallenge #DontLetSmallBizDie #CongressHelpSmallBiz We need to make sure they can reopen!

Phase 4 of CARES Act is coming and small businesses will need an additional $600 billion in relief. Additionally, small landlords need mortgage relief in order to help their tenants. Help us get Congresses attention.

  1. Take a picture with the message “Congress can help small biz now”
  2. Post on social media
  3. Tag your congress members
  4. Use the hashtags: #HelpSmallBizChallenge #DontLetSmallBizDie #CongressHelpSmallBiz
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Property Management:

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