Kristina Remington has been promoted to Director of Acquisitions

Kristina Remington promoted to Director of Acquisitions

Kristina Remington is a tremendous success story with Saglo Development. Her start at Saglo began as an intern during the Summer of 2014. The great experience we had with her as an intern translated into a full-time analyst position once she graduated from Florida State University (FSU). She is naturally bright and has the ability to work quickly and logically, perfect for an analyst.

Over the last several years, she has learned all aspects of owning and operating shopping centers including leasing, property management and accounting. Leveraging this experience, she is able dissect a real estate investment and arrive at the proper pricing to reach the appropriate returns.

Congratulations Kristina! We look forward to many more years and dozens of more transactions together!

Kristina Remington Promoted to Director of Acquisitions
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