• Join Navarro, Goodwill Superstore and Dollar Tree.
  • Newly renovated, high-traffic shopping center fronting W 16th Ave (Milam Dairy Rd/72nd Ave).
  • Within 1/2 mile from Westland Mall, Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot and Publix Sabor.
  • 2nd floor Medical/Retail available for Lease.

Property Features

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2023 Flamingo Park Plaza

Data1 mile3 miles5 miles
Estimated Total Population39,034201,586416,984
(2023-2028) Estimated Population Growth -0.6%0.1% 0.3%
Estimated Average Household Income $55,050$76,222 $86,473
Estimated Total Households14,63268,815141,523
Average Age46.5 44.642.9
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